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Deflection Flat Fan Nozzle

Deflection Flat Fan Nozzle

Thread size: 1/8", 1/4"

Material: PP

Spray Angle: 110--120 degree

Spray Pattern: Deflection flat spray

Product Details

Detailed information :

Spray particle of  deflection flat fan nozzle is fine and evenly.

Plastic deflection flat fan nozzle can produce secondary wide-angle sector spraying shape,uniform spraying drop,wide spray angle and create moderate flat fan.

It has rounded orifice and the big and smooth passage make the blocking performance to a low point.
Inlet direction and outlet direction of W type deflection flat fan nozzle make a 75degree deflection.

The nozzles have precise diversion area, to well master the slanting angle and spaying angle.

W deflection flat nozzle is suitable to rinse softly and not to wash strongly.Also can be used in spraying liquid, steam and air.


Typical Applications:
Cleaning and spraying
Spray liquid, steam and air
CoolingWater curtain
Clarify board of spraying air
cooling conveyer belt
Film Development


ST Cooling Technologies Company Limited is engaged in developing and manufacturing various kinds of spraying nozzles, standard flat fan nozzles, wide angle flat fan nozzles, deflection flat fan nozzles, full cone nozzles, tank washing nozzles,Eductors, wind jet nozzles, air atomizing nozzles and so. If you have any problems about nozzles, pls contact us and we will try out best to solve it. 

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