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Who Gets More Mosquito Bites?
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It is peak mosquito season, and while some lucky outdoor venturers seem unperturbed by the tiny insects, others appear to be relentlessly assaulted. Scientists are trying to understand what makes certain humans more attractive to the bugs.


1. Sweet Smell of Success
Mosquitoes find their mammalian prey through sensing the heat and carbon dioxide mammals emit.Mosquitoes are
also guided by their sense of smell.


2. Cleaner Is Meaner

Female mosquitoes are driven to bite you as they need a blood meal to complete their reproductive cycle and produce fertile eggs, which takes a huge boost of protein. To reduce the chances of being bitten, wash with an antibacterial soap to reduce the volume of mosquito-attracting bacteria on your skin.


3. Skeeter Immunity
Children, who have been bitten far fewer times than adults, may have stronger reactions to bites, since their immune
systems haven't matured fully. But adults who are convinced they are being victimized by the bloodsuckers usually are not.


4.Fighting Back
When the mosquito bites, it leaves behind some of its saliva, a substance that contains anticoagulants and a local
anesthetic, among other things. The body recognizes it as a foreign invader and sends histamines in to counterattack.Scratching just spreads the saliva and encourages the release of more antibodies, and more itching -- a vicious cycle.


Other ways to dodge bites: Avoid the outdoors at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active. Set up an outdoor misting system to shoo bugs away. And wear long trousers and shirts if it's not too hot. In these hot months, then outdoor misting system is the better choice. How to install a outdoor misting system, and how to use it? More details, pls contact with us freely.

outdoor misting system

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