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Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
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Rotated tank cleaning spray nozzle through different diameter of  spray orifices opened in main body and bearing straight line spray hole according to spray angle and flow.Thereby it could reach 360°or other's ball surface washing .This spray nozzle designed different external form size according to different jars and pipes 's open diameter .


Our TKFC Small bottle cleaning spray nozzle is specialized in design for small volume. Chooseing 15 or 21 cone spray nozzles can spray whole inner surface and reach 10KG pressure. Through a normal small barrel’s opening, then install on the automatic small barrel washer, the biggest spray nozzle diameter are 35 and 41mm with a necking down for 16 and 19mm ,it can drain away water when washing . 


TKFA fixed tank cleaning nozzle is made with full cone spray nozzle designed for special whole washing spray nozzle and assembled with some shower nozzles on the ball surface achieve washing whole inner surface of bottle .this spray nozzle have 13 or 15 full cone shower nozzles installed on the 360°ball surface ,it have big flow and can wash 3.1M diameter 's tank.


TKA Rotated Tank Washing Spray nozzle is installed with three high impact force fan spray nozzle or formed with an whole spray nozzle fitting .Designed them pass through liquid pressure and different moment of force spray bearing reach automatic rotate ,thereby it can finish washing inner surface function .

Small bottle cleaning spray nozzle TKB is designed with three fan spray nozzle's special bearing and moment of force. It produces  automatic power through liquid pressure. This spray nozzle is lower pressure than classic rotated spray nozzle but it can carry out small volume automatic washing . Fitting with 316L stainless steel bearing ensures to rotate smoothly.


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