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New Arrival In April
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We always try our best to provide industrial nozzles, wind jet nozzles, flat fan nozzles, full cone nozzles,eductors, air atomizing nozzles, tank washing nozzles, mist nozzles, Anti-drop misting nozzles,misting system and related fittings with competitive price and best service.


In this month, we lanuch new product-- FGA Anti-drop Misting Nozzle. It has lots of advantages. Details as follows:
1) FGA Mist Nozzle has Anti-drop device. FGA Anti-drop Misting Nozzle will not drop water when cutting off the power of Fog Machine.
2) FGA Anti-drop misting nozzle has a filter inside. The micro filter will prevent FGA misting nozzle being clogged easily.
3) FGA Anti-drop misting nozzle is cleanable.
4) FGA Mist nozzle is longer than normal mist nozzle because of the inside filter.


FGA anti-drop misting nozzles bring a better Misting system. High pressure misting sytem brings us a cool and comfortable summer , and creates a wonderful landscap.


ST Cooling Spray Tech. Co. are manufacturer of  High pressure misting system, low pressure misting system, Fine Misting Spray system, Anti-drop misting system, micro misting system, Patio Cooling Misting System , DIY Home Improvement ,Fog Systems,Outdoor Mist Cooling ,Mosquito Misting Systems , Cooling Patio Systems and misting kits for several years. More details, pls contact us freely.

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